Rust Repair

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Repairing car rust isn’t rocket science, but it does require experience and expertise. Expert rust removal is important for the safety of your vehicle and to safeguard its value — people don’t buy rusty cars. Have your had your eye on that one special classic vehicle?  That one vehicle you can do most of the work on, but just not the body work?  Stop worrying because we can handle your restoration from start to finish so that when you hit the gas for the first time, it won’t just sound good, it will look awesome.






Rust before The damage as you can see is quite severe and is located around the rear wheel arch. Rust After The rust has been completely removed and took 2 hours to fully complete.



Damage on boot of BMW The rust has been completely removed and looks great



Rust Spot on BMW The rust is on a small area located on the rear wheel arch near a slight dent.Rust Removal The rust has been completely removed and took 2 hours to fix.



Rust Damage on BMW The danage is located on the rear wing above the bumper.Rust Removal on BMW After removing the rust a hole was left that had to be patched and repaired.