Dings and Scratches

We can fine-tune your car

Did your child throw their baseball into your car?  Did your park in that unlucky spot at the grocery store?Even worse, did your ex take out their aggression on your baby?

Don’t worry, JSAutoCollision has a solution for each of these scenarios, and we can make your vehicle look just like it did before that unfortunate bad luck





Unsightly vehicle scratches can take away from the overall value and curb appeal of a vehicle. That’s why it’s crucial for automotive businesses to have a solution in place to repair car scratches before offering vehicles for resale or rental.

Scratch repair is available to dealerships, body shops, fleet lease companies, rental agencies, auto auctions and other businesses seeking to fix damage to vehicles quickly and affordably.

JSAutoCollision often repair auto scratches without requiring a full new coat of paint, resulting in a cost and time savings for our customers. We are equipped to repair scratches on doors, hoods, fenders and bumpers.

JSAutoCollision is dedicated to continually innovating the process of small to medium vehicle repairs, making long-lasting repairs that are reliable and satisfaction guaranteed.