Collision Repair

We take the worry out of a collision

No one likes to worry when they have a collision, whether your fault, or someone else’s.  We handle every aspect of your repair from estimating and dealing with the insurance company; getting you into an insurance authorized rental vehicle; timely and cost-effect repairs.

We are specialized in performing high quality automotive collision repairs. We understand that being involved in a collision is a stressful experience, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. We’ll review the damages and provide you with an accurate written repair estimate. When you bring your vehicle for repair, we’ll arrange for a rental vehicle or courtesy car. And while your car is being repaired, you can count on us for twice-weekly phone calls to keep you updated. Our auto collision repair shops are equipped with modern repair equipment and staffed by collision repair experts.




Our collision repair services include:

  • Auto body repair : Our full auto body repair service includes ensuring that every inch of your vehicle is fixed, from the front end to the rear end, and everything in between. When we’re done, you may not be able to tell the car was damaged.
  • Paint : Regardless of the color your car once was, we have color-matching specialists on our team who work to match any paint color precisely. when we are done, your car may look even better than it did before!
  • Frame straightening : If your frame has been damaged and you are afraid of restoring it due to the possibility of further damage, rest assured that we go to great lengths to protect the integrity of your frame during repairs.
  • Alignment and suspension : We know how important it is for your driving experience to feel as smooth and safe as possible. This is done through repairs to the suspension of your car and checking the alignment.
  • Auto detailing : Your vehicle may look as good as new after our in-depth, detailing for the exterior and interior of your vehicle. We take great pride in ensuring no spot is missed and that your car looks beautiful once we are done.
  • Dent repair : Many auto repair shops are careless in their dent repair methods, causing more damage and paint to chip. We have special techniques which are done very carefully to avoid further damage or harm.



So what are your waiting for?  Let’s get your vehicle fixed so that you’re back on the road driving your car, the car you love.

Rust Repair

We take care for your vehicle


Repairing car rust isn’t rocket science, but it does require experience and expertise. Expert rust removal is important for the safety of your vehicle and to safeguard its value — people don’t buy rusty cars. Have your had your eye on that one special classic vehicle?  That one vehicle you can do most of the work on, but just not the body work?  Stop worrying because we can handle your restoration from start to finish so that when you hit the gas for the first time, it won’t just sound good, it will look awesome.






Rust before The damage as you can see is quite severe and is located around the rear wheel arch. Rust After The rust has been completely removed and took 2 hours to fully complete.



Damage on boot of BMW The rust has been completely removed and looks great



Rust Spot on BMW The rust is on a small area located on the rear wheel arch near a slight dent.Rust Removal The rust has been completely removed and took 2 hours to fix.



Rust Damage on BMW The danage is located on the rear wing above the bumper.Rust Removal on BMW After removing the rust a hole was left that had to be patched and repaired.

Dings and Scratches

We can fine-tune your car

Did your child throw their baseball into your car?  Did your park in that unlucky spot at the grocery store?Even worse, did your ex take out their aggression on your baby?

Don’t worry, JSAutoCollision has a solution for each of these scenarios, and we can make your vehicle look just like it did before that unfortunate bad luck





Unsightly vehicle scratches can take away from the overall value and curb appeal of a vehicle. That’s why it’s crucial for automotive businesses to have a solution in place to repair car scratches before offering vehicles for resale or rental.

Scratch repair is available to dealerships, body shops, fleet lease companies, rental agencies, auto auctions and other businesses seeking to fix damage to vehicles quickly and affordably.

JSAutoCollision often repair auto scratches without requiring a full new coat of paint, resulting in a cost and time savings for our customers. We are equipped to repair scratches on doors, hoods, fenders and bumpers.

JSAutoCollision is dedicated to continually innovating the process of small to medium vehicle repairs, making long-lasting repairs that are reliable and satisfaction guaranteed.